Kabako’s Land Wrangles take twist, Chairman Says Doesn’t Know Him

Musician Kabako’s land wrangles have been dragging for quite some time and are far from over. Kabako has been in the media for weeks over land conflicts. The land he alleges to be his is in Busaabala. Apparently, Jeff Kiwa, the CEO of Team No Sleep, bought this land for him. However all the days he has been fighting for this land, no one has seen Jeff anywhere. This land is now being claimed by a lady who says it’s been two months since she bought it.The chairperson of this place however has said he knows nothing about Kabako being the owner of the land. According to him, the only documents he has, are those of the lady which proves she is the owner of the land. He even adds that this land Kabako is fighting for is a small piece of land. The angry chairperson also says he has helped many celebrities acquire land in the same area. So why would he stand in Kabako’s land. This chairperson revealed that Sheeba has land in nearby areas. Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Full Finger and even the late Radio. He says if he indeed wanted to snatch the land, he would snatch that of the late Radio because he is dead. However, with all this said, this may end up in court. All the parties involved in this land wrangles have failed to sit on one table. Kabako has however thanked the media for following this story up until now. The public has been commending Kabako’s wife famously known as Dumuna. She has fought this battle with her man and has been on ground. If the rumors are true that she is pregnant, then she is indeed a strong woman.

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