Jenkins Mukasa accuses Bobi Wine of extreme plagiarism.

Music critic and reggae music artiste Jenkins Mukasa has accused singer and former presidential candidate Bobi Wine and King Michael of plagiarizing songs of other established artistes on an industrial scale.
He claims it is the reason when Bobi Wine went to perform in Jamaica over two years ago, he couldn’t perform his song ‘Abalungi balumya’ because he copied Lord Larry. He also noted that King Michael has very few original compositions and he is aware. “King Michael has very few original songs and he is aware. After we talk about it, then he asks ‘but why are you guys bashing me?’ Why do you think the principal didn’t perform abalungi balumya when he went to Jamaica? They would have nabbed him immediately,” he said.
He has advised them to learn to seek permission from the owners because there is nothing about plagiarism that is shrewd as he learnt from Afrigo Band’s Moses Matovu. “Moses Matovu once told me when we were discussing when plagiarism that there is nothing like being a clever thief. That when one snatches your wife, you don’t say they snatched well, he gets the same reaction even if he is your friend,” he added. CC:klaSun

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