Times change sometimes for the better while other times for the worst and it seems times are changing for the worst for former land mogul Joseph Magandazi Yiga aka Jomayi of Jomayi Property consultants.

After the demise of Property Masters owned by Kasulu,Jomayi Property consultants took over the space and became the biggest land dealer in Uganda however into the 2010s,things started getting bad.From constant land battles with government t strong men to court cases over delayed or non existent land titles,Jomayi started slowly going down.

According to a notice filed by AF Mpanga on behalf of NC Bank,Jomayi is owed over 800m shillings that he has failed to pay.They want the company to be closed for failure to pay up over a huge period of time.Just last year,customers thronged Jomayi’s Old Kla based office demanding their land titles but to no avail.

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