Inside Late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s Shocking Will.

Muzaata’s will declaims responsibility for his property. It reads that’s none of the two wives is entitled to his property. While appearing on Pearl FM, Moslems leaders led by Sheik Swidiq managed to read the Will that was dated from October. In the will read to the late’s family, it was clearly written that Mutaaza had broken up with all the two wives. It only guarantees property to the children but not women.“….. I had broken up with both women who have children. And so none of the two should take on the house but should be left to the children…..” the will revealed. This comes a few months after Muzaata’s death that also at a time when the wives are fighting over the late’s property. A few days ago, one of the widows was crying to the Minister of Youth and Child affairs to give her a helping hand so as to seek his son’s justice. This has come as a solution to all disagreements concerning property ownership. The property is entitled to the children but not the wives. However, the family elders denied her involvement in the matters.

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