It has been revealed that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is demanding to be the highest paid player at AC Milan. The Swede is currently off contract at the Rossonero. And Sky Italia’s Luca Marchetti says: “The negotiation is well set up because Ibrahimovic’s will is to stay at Milan, just as Milan’s is to keep Ibrahimovic. There is the will to close the deal, now an agreement must be found.” Ibrahimovic has an important role at Milan both as a leader on and off the pitch and this could come at a price. Ibrahimovic knows that Milan is an opportunity to extend his career but he also knows that the Rossoneri are a unique opportunity.
“The project and the salary that Milan offers to Ibrahimovic, however, the Swede cannot find anywhere else. Ibrahimovic wants to be the highest paid in the squad and therefore must be convinced from an economic point of view for a matter of status and importance in the project.”

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