Iam quitting prostitution for politics” – Bad Black

Shanitah Namuyimba a.k.a Bad Black has made public her desire to join secondary school and join politics later on. Word has it that Shanitah reportedly dropped out of school and joined prostitution from where she earned herself a name and made millions. However, Bad Black seems eager to go back to school and attain either an O or A Level certificate which will enable her to join politics. She appears not bothered by the fact that she has a criminal record, having been arrested and detained several times over embezzlement claims. “If I go back to school to get s4 s6 certificate can’t i join politics even if knowing dat i have criminal record of embezzlement tho it wasn’t government money but a man who used to chew my bean it’s 7days now thinking to become Delilah to NRM hope you remember her n bible oba u ever had a story of Samson just kalowoozo”. Bad Black thought aloud while busying herself on social media.

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