Frustrated Ashburg Kato Quits Facebook, Gives Mark Zuckerberg One Year to Fix his page

NRM Facebook blogger Ashraf Kato alias Ashburg kato is crying over his misfortunes, he has officially announced that he has quit Facebook. Speaking in a video that is making rounds on facebook, Ashburg said that he has given Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg one year to fix his page that was deleted towards 20211 General elections. After his pages being deleted, Ashburg tried to open another page in his real names to take on his blogging career but all in vain. He has therefore threatened Zuckerberg that if he doesnot retrieve his page, Facebook shall be deactivated in all Afican countries. “Facebook was the only source of entertainment I had, it was the only thing I could use to get what to eat. But I was switched off because of my Political affiliations, I have decided to find a new life. But I will not quit it just like that. I warn Mark Zuckerberg that he is going to lose a big deal, if he does not allow me to use Facebook again. I will make sure that Facebook is no more in all Africa countries.”

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