Full Figure to Quit NRM

Full Figure curses the day she woke up and decided to cross over from people power to the ruling government NRM. Motor mouthed blogger during her recent interview revealed that she is soon leaving National Resistance party for having failed to realize her expectations when she decided to the ruling party as her efforts of getting her money she worked for during 2021 presidential election were made difficult to realize. According to her ,states that the fountain of honor directed people in party treasury to pay her but they just diverted the money to themselves and even blocked her phone calls ,furiously warned them that if they don’t pay her she is going to report them to president and be closed behind bars for the rest of their lives. Full figure was one of people power big guns before deciding to cross over to NRM for green pasture .
Given the fact that she has no hopes of getting back to BobiWine’s people power movements but she hails NRM party people for being selfishness and greedy

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