Father Anthony Musaala has made a huge comeback to the Catholic fold after nearly 6 years in Limbo. Musaala has today led the GOOD FRIDAY mass at Rubaga Cathedral the headquarters of the Catholic Church in Uganda.

Musaala was suspended 6 years ago after he came out publicly and asked that priests should be allowed to marry something that tickled the Catholic church hierachy in Uganda the wrong way.He was then suspended from celebrating any canonical activity ie mass,repentance and administering sacraments.

He disobeyed the orders and tried to celebrate mass at his Mirembe gardens in lutete but he was frustrated.Years later he appeared at Pastor Kayanja’s church for the 77 Days of Glory claiming that all religions and faith subscribe to one God.He also joined Fr.Kibuuka now Bishop Kibuuka who later quit the Catholic church to start the Eastern Orthodox church International and its here that the Archbishop asked him to come back home and map a way forward.

In 2018,Musaala was taken back to the fold after apologising publically to the Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga and the Catholic Church.This was on a thursday during the Liturgy of divine Mercy mass.He was forgiven and taken for a refresher course about the principles and Values of the Catholic church and Priesthood.

From there he went to Australia for a short course,then to Italy on the same and upon return he was posted at Bunamwaya as youth Chaplain and from there he was appointed the ASSISTANT CATHEDRAL ADMINISTRATOR of Rubaga Cathedral a very powerful position.

Today he has cemented his return to the Catholic Church after 2 years of his readmission. Musaala became famous for his songs and charismatic work and won a Pearl Of Africa award for best gospel single.He also earned himself the DANCING PRIEST name for his dance moves in his music videos.

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