A section of Ugandans has asked the daughter of motor mouth Frank Gashumba to do the honorable thing and pull down her dance video she posted in response to the Kenyan gal’s dance challenge.

Azziad a little known Kenyan gal shot to famous almost 2 weeks ago when she posted herself dancing to FEMI ONE and MEJJA’s UTAWEZANA song that has since become an instant hit song.Lots of people jumped onto the dance challenge but failed to live up to the billing until Ugandans decided to entrust socialite Sheila Gashumba with task of upstaging the Kenyan girl.

Many Ugandans took to social media asking the little girl with a gap in her between her teeth to come out and show the Kenyans what Ugandans can do but as you read this the same Ugandans seem to have accepted defeat,coiled their tails and asked their last hope to pull down her video as she failed to do what was expected of her.

Today Sheila posted on her social media herself dancing to the song as a response to the Kenyan gals challenge.Much as Azziad only moved her waist religiously,our own Sheila Gashumba over did it and started throwing her legs around and tiny ass in the air something that infuriated Ugandans who later asked her to pull down the video and concentrate on being Gods’ plans’ gal friend.

In the comment section you can ably see that Ugandans are not happy at all.This ties Kenyans and Ugandans months after Ugandans on Twitter floored Kenyans in a twitter war that almost brought down the East African Community. You can view the full video by clicking on the link below.

So thanks to Azziad,Kenyans have equalized and no thanks to Sheila because Uganda has lost her lead.

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