Mzee Benjamin William Mkapa the third President of Tanzania died at a DAR es Salaam the hospital where he had been admitted last week.

“I call on all Tanzanians to receive the news of the death of Mzee Mkapa and to pray for Mzee Mkapa, more information will be released but Mzee Mkapa is no more” said Dr. Magufuli in a brief television statement.
The cause of his death to date is still unknown as no one has come out to pronounce the cause of death although speculation is ripe that the old man may have either gone because of old age or COVID 19.

The government of Uganda will today release a statement about his death and plans on how to celebrate the life of one of the strong statesmen from East Africa.
Mkapa was born on November 12, 1938. He held the highest office in Bongoland from November 23 1995 –December 21 2005. He was a member of the ruling CCM Party. He was preceded by Ali Hassan Mwinyi and succeeded by Jakaya Kikwete.

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