Evelyn Lagu Addresses Death Rumors

A few days ago, rumor has been circulating on social media that Singer Evelyne Nakabira alias Evelyne Lagu is dead due to her health complications. This comes after her departure to Turkey to receive a Kidney Transplant which unfortunately failed. Doctors revealed that she is too weak to survive the Kidney Transplant procedure but they decided to give her a treatment that will keep her alive for a while. Addressing the death rumors, the bedridden “Ogumanga” singer through an emotional notice has questioned the way given sects of people wish to pronounce others dead maybe with the aim of attaining social media likes but not minding about the victims who turn out with trauma and torture by the ongoing proceedings. “I don’t know where all those people announcing me dead get the news from. But may God forgive them. I don’t know where you get that fake news. I promise you when God calls me, my dead body will be bright back to Uganda and it will be available for those who want to eat it,” Angry Lagu said. It must be noted that ever since suffering from heart complications, Evelyne Lagu has been a victim of a series of cyber harassment as unscrupulous people announce her dead irrespective of her “never say die” attitude of fighting for her life on her sickbed.

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