Local singer Eezzy of the “Tumbiza Sound” fame has accused the Ministry of Health of failing to fulfill their promise of paying for the remix to his popular song “Tumbiza Sound.” Eezzy says the ministry of health officials asked him to withdraw the song and issue a remix that was less contentious than the original.
In a meeting held in December last year, the health ministry and officials from the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) tasked Eezzy to create a remix of the Tumbiza Sound song. They told him to include responsible messages which would sensitize the public to observe Covid-19 guidelines. According to the musician, they asked him to send the new lyrics to the ministry of health for approval. The ministry in turn would sponsor the audio and video production of the new remix. However, two months later, Eezzy claims that officials from the health ministry have since ignored him. This is despite fulfilling all the conditions they set for him. In an interview with NBS UNCUT, Eezzy said that he lost a lot of money because the ministry asked him to withdraw the song in anticipation of the remix which has since been stalled. “I was promised that they will cater for the remix and asked me to pause the Tumbiza Sound. No one has called me yet I submitted the lyrics. I don’t know what is happening,” Eezzy said.Eezzy said the ministry interfered and prevented his original song from enjoying more airplay. He said that the song would probably have reached 4 million views. the MoH however made it stall at 1 million views. He said that many fear playing the song because they mistakenly believe it was banned by the ministry

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