Eddy Kenzo opened up a war against fellow musician turned politician BobiWine. Kenzo unleashed his ill feeling against Bobiwine through a voice note that has since gone viral on social media. In the audio Kenzo reveals how he was blue-ticked by Bobiwine on whats app. Kenzo further expresses how BobiWine has turned himself into a ‘small god’ of sorts by being selfish and greedy. He added that in case Bobiwine becomes President, he will leave the country because he cannot bear to be led by such a bad-hearted person. Bobiwine has remained silent about the whole matter but his supporters have kept trolling Kenzo with claims that he’s being used by the NRM government as-well as seeking personal relevancy and public sympathy. Sources close to the NUP party president revealed to this website that their leader has no time to reply to the bold headed singer because his submissions hold no water and therefore advised that Kenzo should leave matters of politics and invest time in finding himself a wife to keep him busy.

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