Musician Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon has asked fellow musicians and music promoters not to be greedy during these trying times when the country is under lock and people cant afford basic necessities because they dont work anymore due to the Corona Pandemic.

Replying to BBS TV’s Nabatanzi who had asked for his opinion on the musicians that are seeking compensation after concerts were cancelled,Chameleon said musicians shouldn’t be greedy since this has affected everyone however he advised the government to use influential figures in society to help government get its message to wherever it wants it to get.

Hours after the president ordered for the closure of schools,bars and all concerts,musicians and promoters met at Kati Kati and demanded compensation for their cancelled events.Others were interviewed on different medias and they sounded out the President asking for compensation something that angered and infuriated the public leading to a public uproar.Many abandoned the cause and retracted their demands on top of standing with the people in these dire times of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Chameleon said all this moments before he entertained Ugandans live on BBS TV’s Easter CHAMUKA a televised tv concert organised by BBS TV live in the studios of BBS tv.

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