DNA tests conducted at MBN Clinical Laboratories confirm that Talent Africa singer Beenie Gunter is not the biological father of “Jeremiah “ his neglected child as alleged by Fiona Akankwasa weeks ago. In a video that made rounds online weeks ago, Akankwasa claimed that she conceived with Beenie Gunter in 2017 but since lost connection with him as he always blocked communication between the two.

Beenie Gunter claimed the whole saga was planned by his fighters who wanted to spill dirt on his brand although he accepted to look after the child if at all the DNA results proved positive.According to Beenie Gunter,he has never bonked Fiona and the only relationship the two had was a musician and fan relationship.However Fiona has cursed the gods for neglecting her and swore that Beenie Gunter is the father of her boy and that God will judge whoever is denying her son the chance to have a father.

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