Prophet Elvis Mbonye of the ZOE FELLOWSHIP is back in the public causing uproars and heated discussions after that one on one interview with Nbs’ Solomon Serwanja.

On Monday night,Solomon Serwanja hosted Prophet Elvis Mbonye to discuss among many things the statement he made that he had seen the Corona pandemic in one of his prophecies from God but dint want to say anything because he feared as usual Ugandans could doubt.

As the interview went along,Mbonye in his usual stammering style and unsettled sitting postures said that he had a battle with Lucifer and that Lucifer got so scared of him that he ran away.

This has left many Ugandans wondering if indeed Mbonye had a battle with the chief devil and if indeed he managed to almost defeat him.

Many Ugandans have taken to social media to banter the few haired Prophet and others have bashed him but his followers have stood firm and said the man of God should be taken by his word and indeed he must have battled the devil.

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