After quitting secular music, the singer turned Born Again Christian Desire Luzinda ever since, became not on an inspiration, but also a motivational speaker. This does not stop on releasing gospel music alone, but also her way of interacting with her audience changed. She has given hope to the hopeless, touched may hearts by her soothing words of hope and so forth. Now, she has appeared wishing all women a very lovely Women’s Day celebrations. And in her touching message, she assures them that they are the light of the world, and nothing should put them down. “WOMAN, just a reminder that you are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD . Nothing and No one should ever dull your sparkle. Always rise above your fears and noise for it only lasts, but for a moment. Joy cometh in the morning.” Desire Luzinda posted. She however, insisted that women should not buckle off when things go touch, but instead face reality and over come. “No matter what life throws at you, QUITTING should never be an option. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY” Desire Luzinda added. Happy Women’s Day all our lovely women out there, you really make the world a wonderful place to live in.

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