When Desire Luzinda relocated to the US, little has been heard from her something that left her fans wondering what she’s up to. Well, Desire gave her life to God and on top of that, she finally returned to school. If her word is anything to go by, she is pursuing a nursing course in the US where she currently lives with her daughter and mum. Initially, Desire tried out at university twice but ended up dropping out because her booming music career then demanded for more time. Desire finally gave education the third chance and this time round she’s ready to push on amidst the toughness associated with education. She advised her fans never to stop trying out at something that makes them better because it does not matter how many times you fall but that one time you rise up and make it right. Ugandan artists too should pick a leaf from Desire Luzinda and take the initiative to go back to school and finish up with their studies so they can supplement their music businesses because many of them are school drop outs or illiterates.

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