After being denied access to the heart, Daddy Andre took to his wheels, moved on and is now engaged to singer, Nina Roz whereas his former friend Angella Katatumba is still in the space. Last year Katatumba openly told the media about her decision to pull out of their relationship with Andre after he refused to go for an HIV test. On the contrary, Andre recently raised his voice on the question at hand — why he refused saying that Katatumba was just like a friend and nothing more or less. “Angella was just my friend. Like she said, we were dating and it was never official. Dating in my perspective means you are still trying to understand each other which provides room for continuity or withdrawal.” Andre said in an interview at Nakasero-based 97.7 Record FM. He added that, “Against this background, Katatumba had no right to know about my HIV status yet she was not my wife. That was disrespectful. It is as if she was a journalist trying to find out things before the ripe time.”

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