Music superstars and heavyweights Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool and Joseph Mayanja aka Chameleon have made up today.

As Chameleon marked his 41st birthday,Bebe Cool surprised him at his palatial residence in Seguku with a cake made by his wife Zuena. A very excited Chameleon couldn’t believe what he was seeing and immediately asked to cut the cake at his parents’ home in Katale Seguku.

The duo then headed to Mr.Gerald Mayanja’s home and here it was all jokes and merry making.From reminiscing about the old good times and the journey so far,Chameleon and Bebe Cool behaved like teenagers in love.

The two have been at loggerheads for years and always make up only to fight again.However today they have promised to keep only love and dump the hate.

Chameleon described this as the ideal birthday gift and vowed to spread more love and no more hate.

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