Moneybags Brayn Kirumira alias Bryan White might be off the social scene but is still indeed in our hearts. His charisma, generosity and eccentric lifestyle cannot all be forgotten in just a space of twelve months. The socialite who was a year ago battling charges and sickness at the same time is still alive, despite still struggling with bad health. Bryan While was, according to his official mouthpiece Kasuku, bewitched by haters who didn’t want him to get close to President Yowerri Museveni ahead of the 2021 election polls campaign. White is currently recuperating from his home and has not been seen anywhere in public. Kasuku revealed that White currently moves on crutches as a result of the abdominal pains that almost ended his life, with reports that they were caused by the witchcraft. Kirumura was accused by several girls that he had employed under his Bryan White Foundation of sexual assault, allegations that he denies to date. Kasuku further reveals that White plans on fleeing the country to kickstart his life elsewhere.

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