The scuffle between artists Bobiwine and Eddy Kenzo has taken a twist as supporters to the NUP Party President continue demanding an apology from the Bold headed artist for disrespecting their leader. Bobi’s fans claim Kenzo has no moral authority to discuss politics because it’s no game for cry babies like him who cry over small issue like being blue ticked on WhatsApp. Sources close to Bobiwine reveal that they are aware Kenzo is being used by the current regime to distract the struggle reason they give him no attention. “ What can Kenzo add to the struggle when he even failed at keeping his girlfriend and they snatched her away from him ? “ a one Bobiwine fan asked on Facebook before advising Kenzo to invest his time in finding himself a wife to keep him busy so he leaves matters of politics. Bobiwine has since remained silent about Kenzo and we await his personal submission however, eddy Kenzo is expected to speak to his fans again today Monday 3pm on his Facebook page.

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