Failed city lawyer Male Mabirizi has raised eyebrows of many Bobiwine supporters when he disclosed his findings about Bobiwine’s education journey. Electoral commission availed Mabirizi with Bobiwine’s academic credentials upon request to scrutinize them. According to Mabirizi, Bobiwine’s Diploma transcript from Makerere university showed he was born in 1980 not 1982 as per most of his other documents like National ID. Mabirizi further revealed that Bobi failed Mathematics with F9 at ‘O’ Level and General Paper at “A” Level which shows inability to handle national issues as President. If the information Mabirizi shared is true, The NUP leader could face criminal charges. He is also likely to miss out on the ballot in 2021 General elections if the court finds him guilty as the law states that any presidential candidate should bear no guilty case from court in a period of 7 years. Bobiwine has since remained silent about the issue and we are yet to have his word on the matter.

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