Following Robert Kyagulanyi’s arrest on Wednesday this week, the NUP presidential candidate has today appeared before the Chief Magistrate’s court in Iganga. Kyagulanyi is being charged with doing an act likely to spread infectious diseases under section 171 of the Penal Code Act.
While addressing court, Kyagulanyi denied committing any crime.“It is my opinion that this case shouldnot be Ugandans Vs Kyagulanyi. This case should be Ugandans Vs Musevenis. It is Museveni that should be in this court for killing Ugandans. Your honor,I am not here because I have committed any crime. I am here because I offered myself to lead Ugandans in ending 35 years of Museveni,” said Kyagulanyi.The Chief Magistrate Jessica Chemeri read to Kyagulanyi the Ministry of Health and Electoral Commission guidelines that he is supposed to comply to before granting him bail. Some of the guidelines included the campaign meeting must not have more than 200, all the people must have masks and campaigning venue must have handwash facilities and the people must maintain 2 metres from each other.Kyagulanyi was asked to report back to court on December 18,2020.CC:@matookerepublic.

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