Ever since city lawyer Male Mabirizi pinned Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi AKA Bobi Wine for poor academic performance and his age not corresponding with his academic papers, the Ghetto Gladiator has been quiet but today, he came out to speak about the mess surrounding his name. In a statement released on his social media platforms, Bobi is not happy with the parliament IT department for altering his information on their portal without his knowledge. Bobi Wine who is likely to face court over inconsistencies in his academic papers, was shocked to find his date of birth submitted to be used on parliamentary website changed. From the papers he submitted, the date of birth was 12th February 1982. He later found the date had been changed to 12th February, 1980.
As we speak, Lawyer, Male Mabirizi is gathering all the evidence to drag Bobi Wine to court for lying to Ugandans about his age and contesting in parliamentary elections using ‘fake’ papers.

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