National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been arrested in Kigere Kya Njovu forest with his entire campaign team in Kalangala island on L. Victoria.

Sources indicate that upon reaching the landing site, Kyagulanyi who had used a speed boat to campaign established that those that he had left behind had been arrested. He returned to the mainland to rescue them but was also arrested. It’s also said that a Military Chopper has been set ready to airlift him. However it’s not yet clear to which destination. Sources also show that all his private bodyguards were arrested.

Kyagulanyi who arrived in the island district aboard MV Sesse ferry was involved in a cat and a mouse chase with security who had deployed heavily. The first ferry arrived in Kalangala with about 12 trucks while the second 11 am ferry came with another 4 truckloads of police officers. There was drama when the police officers got stranded at Bugoma (Luku) landing site after when Kyagulanyi rode away in one of his speedboats. The police officers only looked on helplessly because they came without speedboats.

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