Bobi Wine’s House Not In Order, Full of homosexuals – Stella Nyanzi

Self-proclaimed ‘proud advocate for LGBTIQA++ rights’ Stella Nyanzi seems to be having sleepless nights since January 14 when she lost Kampala Woman MP seat to NUP Candidate Shamim Malende. Of late Nyanzi is penning down poems attacking NUP and its leader Bobi Wine. Could this be the therapy for recovering from the election loss? Okay that’s a topic for another time. For reasons known to her, Nyanzi has once again attacked NUP claiming that the party is of full of homosexuals. “There are lesbians of all kinds in NUP, gay men of every type in NUP, and several bisexuals – even in the leadership, and transgender, intersex and queer persons, too. In fact the whole LGBTIQA++ is fully represented in the NUP. If you don’t believe me, ask your comrades.” “If you don’t believe them, asks your Principal. Homosexuals are active members of NUP. Homosexuals belong to all the different political parties in Uganda. I know so, because I have worked with them for years. I am a proud advocate for LGBTIQA++ rights!” ranted Nyanzi in a post. For a while, government apologist have accused NUP and Bobi Wine of receiving huge funding from the gay community but Bobi Wine has continuously denied the allegations saying his cause is funded by Ugandans.

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