Popular comedy group and Radio Simba presenters Bizonto are currently being held at the Criminal Investigations Directorate headquarters in Kibuli for interrogations. The quadruple were arrested after their morning show on Friday 24th July 2020 over matters related to tribalism amongst Ugandans through their craft.In one of their skits,they are deemed to suggest that all powerful positions belong to one tribe something speculators believe dint go down well with government that feels this is promoting tribal sentiments and could lead to a tribal revolt.

Yesterday the Police went and searched their houses and cars and information we are getting indictes that they may have to undergo mental tests to ascertain if indeed their mental faculties are OK.

The CID spokesperson told this website that all is set for the four to be taken to court and that they may appear next week.He however declined to tell us the charges that may be preferred on them.

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