Besigye To Government – Vaccinate The Real Essentials First

Dr Kizza Besigye has advised the government to vaccinate the real essential people so that business can move on as it should. According to him teachers should be part of this equation so that schools can open.
“Vaccinate the teachers and let education continue, students are either way not eligible for vaccines since they are below 18 years. Let us protect essential workers whose work makes them more vulnerable. The work of the health workers requires protection. Let us protect the teachers,” said Besigye. He says the 42 days of lockdown will go to waste if people come out not vaccinated. People will still be exposed to the virus just like before “What will change after 42 days? People are not being vaccinated, the capacity to deal with the sick has not changed. The end of lockdown will be the start of illness and death. What it means is some kind of lockdown will continue and people will continue to become weaker and weaker. It is reckless for a country to remain on this path,” he said. He adds that in actual sense, this lockdown is for the less privileged and not everyone as it appears. “The privileged are not locked down, you go on the streets and see. It is the ordinary person who face the brunt of what these measures provide”. Government has mostly prioritized vaccinating health workers and those at high health risk when it comes to Covid. The doses have not yet been enough to vaccinate the whole country hence concentration on some group of essential workers. The pandemic has however, affected the education sector the most. Some groups of students have consequently since March 2020 never returned to school.

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