Besigye scoffs at govt Covid response, offers alternatives

Political leader Dr Kizza Besigye yesterday attributed the surging Covid-19 infections in the country to absence of good policies and national plan to manage pandemics. Dr Besigye, who addressed a press conference at his offices on Katonga Road in Kampala, outlined alternatives that can be used to fight back in the face of a pandemic that has so far killed 1,023 people in the country. The number of new Covid infections have been increasing since the beginning of this month. As of June 28, more than 79,000 cases had been registered in the country. Dr Besigye blamed the government for leading a political and partisan approach in handling Covid as opposed to creating a strategic plan to manage and control the pandemic better. “Since Covid-19 was first confirmed in Uganda in March 2020, there has been strong concern on its management. These concerns were generally ignored or, even, ridiculed by government,” Dr Besigye said.

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