There is a walk of life, but then there is that of shame too, Bebe Cool apparently faced the latter when the president denied him a platform to speak. His excellence, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had met his celebrity presidential advisors to have a word or two with them. Normally in these meetings, the “rule” was that Bebe always had more time to speak. This is given the fact that he has been the president’s ‘right hand’ celebrity person for a long time.

This time round however, it was all sower and bitter for him. He raised his hand only for the president to slam him in denial. It reportedly didn’t happen only once but more than twice. According to celebrities DJ Michael and Full Figure, the president kept saying ‘ahahah’ trying to mean no while Bebe tried to speak.

DJ. Michael had always been complaining that Bebe Cool is always denying him a chance to meet the president. When this happened to Bebe he was up in the clouds and didn’t even feel any kind of pity for him. According to him, Bebe was deserving of the presidential snub. Many of the celebrities who are attached to the president have always complained about “Mr Cool” and Baalam. Apparently these two behave like they are top priority.

By the end of the meeting, Bebe was no where as he had moved out already and never came back. What this means, we don’t know. However, we know that “Mr Cool” is too proud of himself. Bebecool has since remained silent about the saga, well what does he have to say either.

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