Recent days have seen entertainment and politics dominating the news and the internet, however Gagamel chief Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool is very silent on both matters. His absence on the social media platforms and in the mainstream broadcast media is something that has left his fans and People Power supporters wondering what happened to the man that had become motor mouthed,but as many were still wondering what their artist is up to, Bebe Cool has revealed that lately, he doesn’t want to be in the media.

“ As of now, I don’t want to be in the media. I don’t want to even speak on radio or TV. I only want to have a piece of mind and chill with my family.” Bebe cool revealed while speaking to close friends that visited him on Friday.AM CONCENTRATING ON MY FAMILY AND WE ARE IN THE FINAL STAGES OF SETTING UP A HUGE BAKERY AS OUR FAMILY BUSINESS.WE ARE GOING TO MAKE BREAD AND CAKES THAT UGANDANS WILL LOVE A LOT.

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