The National Unity Platform (NUP) member and Baba FM political show host Basajja Mivule has officially joined the ruling Nationl Resistance Movement (NRM). OBasajja Mivule made the pronouncement during a press conference today held in Ntinda. He was welcomed to the NRM by events promoter Balaam Barugahara. At the event, Basajja Mivule said he was pushed out of NUP by the dictatorial tendencies in the new party and the cultism that is being built around Bobi Wine. He said he did not find anything good about NUP and the intentions of it’s leadership. “They invade the internet, attack you with every manner of obscenity. Please, is this the struggle you are talking about? I don’t subscribe to Bobi Wine’s kingdom where they want to install him as the omnipotent, omniscient, all knowing god. You talk about him, they want to cut off your head! Who is Bobi Wine?” Mivule said. Following his comments that despised officials in the ruling government especially westerners, as thieves and land grabbers, Mivule was arrested but later came out to openly apologize that his statements were uncalled for. Mivule’s apology rubbed members of the NUP the wrong way culminating in abuses and verbal attacks from the latter accusing him for being compromised by the state. “God can not allow drug addicts, hooligans, slanderers, abusive people, and homosexuals to get hold of Uganda’s State House. They can abuse all they want, but such people will not rule this country,” Mivule claimed as he launched a war against People Power supporters.

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