Defiant Motor mouthed events promoter and political player Mukasa Alphonse Andrew famously known as Bajjo Events Clear Process, is known for attacking the government and abusing non People Power supporters seems to have jumped out of the ship before his ‘Principle’ Bobi Wine captures power. In an exclusive interview with “Kasuku Live” youtube channel, Bajjo who promises to crash Bobiwine listed a number of reasons as to why he shockingly quit and dumped Bobiwine’s struggle. Bajjo pinned Bobiwine for promoting a number of irregularities which according to him were faulting his dream of defeating President Museveni and his NRM party in the upcoming general elections. He adds that Failure to exercise democracy within the opposition parties due to greed, inner fighting and opportunism in the opposition also led to his exit. Bajjo accuses Bobiwine of ordering his goons to attack him on social media before branding him a joke that is just hoodwinking Ugandans. Bajjo says he is awakening Ugandans who believe that Bobi Wine can lead them to the promised land claiming he will disappear with the fundraising dime. Bajjo’s outburst comes days after a renown government critic, Basajja Mivule denounced People Power and joined president Museveni.

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