NBS TV’s gossip queen, Nambooze Annet populary known as Anna Talia Oze has officially joined politics and will contest LC5 Lord Woman councillor – Rubaga North. Anna’s political intentions started as a rumor from a section of her fans aswell as her fellow media personalities, however Anna remained mute about it all. Anna Talia who presents “UNCUT” and ‘UNCUT SABULA’ on NBS TV has finally released a press release to confirm her intention to represent the people of Rubaga North in the forthcoming 2021 general elections. This further rubbishes the initial claims that Anna was to stand for the Central Region Youth MP seat. Anna has successfully been nominated for the post Lord Woman Councillor for Rubaga North B and she will be running on an independent ticket and not NUP as many thought. Its still unknown whether Anna is going to leave her TV job to concentrate on politics or she will juggle the two. We shall keep you posted.

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