Afande Edith Nakalema of the State house anti corruption unit has started stinging and biting after the President gave her powers to deal with errant officers that are beating up Ugandans in the guise of enforcing presidential directives.

Just last week,a 6 months pregnant woman was beaten senseless citing breach of presidential directives.This footage went viral and raised national uproar which prompted the Police Spokesperson to visit her in hospital to sympathize with her.

Today the State House anti corruption unit has taken the two suspected officers in the pregnant woman case to court. A Police Officer Francis Mpande and one Asimwe Junior, of the Village Defense Unit have today been charged & remanded to Kitalya Prison until 27/04/2020 on offences of aggrevated torture.The duo beat a pregnant woman Mercy Nakate accusing her of flouting COVID-19 guidelines.

This is just one of the many cases Afande Nakalema is handling as the security forces seek to return sanity,order and discipline to their profession.

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